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The  past and current history , current news at the Live Aurora Network

Our Story
Live Aurora Network was founded in 2018 by brothers Steven and Tony Collins and is an app- based northern lights detection system. It is the only truly ‘real-time’ video alert app globally, as well as the only app globally to be linked to full HD live cameras. The Live Aurora Network app features a custom algorithm that not only detects the aurora, but visually grades it, so users can choose what level to be notified at.
Live Aurora Network founders Steven and Tony Collins have devoted countless hours searching for the Northern Lights. After too many cold nights in remote Scandinavian fields with no Aurora (something experienced by many tourists) – they realized there must be a better way. Instead of scientific forecasts that require experience to read and do not guarantee a visible light show, our app identifies Aurora activity with a 100% accuracy rate. Whether you want to experience this natural wonder in person or from the comfort of your own home, Live Aurora Network gets you closer than anything else.
Thousands travel to Aurora hot spots in Iceland and Norway every year to see the Northern Lights and leave without ever catching a glimpse of the elusive Aurora Borealis. Your time is precious – our unique algorithm takes the guesswork out of Aurora hunting, showing you exactly when and where this spectacular phenomenon is visible. Our Network Stations send real time alerts straight to you based on your preferences, putting you in control. Not in Scandinavia? The app allows viewers to witness spectacular light shows from anywhere in the world via HD live streams.
The app can be downloaded for a free months trial with a £0.99 per month subscription from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

In the News
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The app-based Northern Lights detection system has an accuracy rate far beyond others and ensures travelers will never be left disappointed
Unlike all other alert apps in existence, which rely on NOAA ‘space weather’ forecasts that require experience to read, Live Aurora Network sends out real time alerts based on what is actually seen in the sky, Live Aurora Network sends real time alerts based on the visual detection of aurora
A UNIQUE algorithm has been developed with ‘global first’ technology for a newly launched app, which helps users chase down the Northern Lights by eliminating the guess work and only working in real-time.
The Live Aurora Network app is linked to a network of Seven HD cameras situated in hand-picked ‘dark sky’ locations around Iceland and Norway and Alaska, with more to follow in Canada and Finland, the current locations include one overlooking the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, another overlooking the Kirkjufell mountain and one situated at Lofoten Links golf resort in Norway. Users visiting Iceland and Norway can take advantage of a one button click to either get directions to these locations with little to no light pollution, where the Northern Lights are particularly spectacular, or book an overnight stay with Live Aurora Network’s partnered Airbnb site at each location.
The app is complementary to Aurora citizen science initiatives like Aurorasaurus, a project created by NASA space physicist Dr Liz MacDonald, that makes scientific use of crowdsourced aurora data. Such collaborations enhance research return from the Live Aurora Network observations. Our science advisors include Dr Melanie Windridge, the bestselling author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights, and Dr Tamitha Skov, known as spaceweatherwoman. Along with other Aurora experts that contributed to the development of the app.
Live Aurora Network is the only truly real-time video alert app available globally – the unique algorithm not only detects the aurora borealis, but visually grades it based on the strength of the aurora. Users can choose the level they wish to be notified at so that they need only hit the road for displays they deem suitable.
The top selling Aurora notification apps currently on the market are based on the global Kp index which runs from 0-9 and is based on magnetometers around the world. This is problematic for local aurora alerts, and not the most effective parameter for knowing when local aurora activity is highest.
Live Aurora Network pushes out alerts in real time, thanks to software designed to detect the colors of the Aurora, while grading the density and percentage of the sky that is showing the lights. This is especially helpful when users are looking to find breaks in the clouds!
In a double global first, Live Aurora Network is the only app with full Sony A7sii HD live cameras that can operate at extreme ISO (well over 25,600 ISO) and stream at 30 frames per second directly to the app interface.  This eliminates the need for time-lapse, meaning users can watch the aurora dance in real time and feel fully immersed in the experience, without ever getting close to the Arctic Circle.
Additionally, you can take a Screen shot of each location that can be shared socially straight from the App.
Users will soon be able to view a time-lapse video of the previous night’s aurora show and a later release will have access to a live chat function, for users to ask questions from the NASA and aurora experts.
Steven Collins, Co-founder at Live Aurora Network comments: “My brother and I spent countless evenings driving miles and miles to stand in remote Icelandic fields, getting soaking wet, hoping for a chance to see a glimmer of the northern lights. Now, with the help of our app, visitors no longer have to go through this and can see the aurora in its full glory with no guesswork.
“We launched the app based on our passion of viewing and enjoying the northern lights. We’ve been able to develop the app to such a stage that it has a 100% accuracy rate, meaning that visitors to Iceland and Norway will never be disappointed in their search to see the aurora – our technology ensures that a push notification is delivered to users as soon as the aurora is visible.
“Users of the Live Aurora Network app can choose the grade of aurora that they’d like to be notified about, and will be sent a push notification when it appears. The quality of the live video feed means that users can choose to sit back and enjoy the show from the comfort of their own home, or get live directions from their location in Iceland or Norway to the viewpoint.”
The Live Aurora Network app can be downloaded for a one month trial, with a subscription of £0.99 per month from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.[/cs_content_seo]